Tuesday, January 31, 2017

EU Parliament President concerned over Europe's shrinking Jewish population

It has now been recognized that the Jewish population in Europe is shrinking.  France: Majority indifferent to Jews leaving France.

Via European Parliament:

Parliament President Antonio Tajani 
To honour the upcoming International Holocaust Remembrance Day, MEPs held a ceremony in the Parliament on Wednesday together with representatives from Jewish communities in Europe and other dignitaries.  
Referring to the Holocaust as "the worst tragedy in European history", Parliament President Antonio Tajani said: “Remembering is not only an act of commemoration. It is a crucial process if we want to avoid repeating the same errors.” 
Tajani expressed concerns over Europe's shrinking Jewish population and the persistence of crimes against Jews.  
He added: "Remembering the terrible mistakes of the past gives us the possibility to remind ourselves that Europe has always been able to draw lessons from history for a future based on freedom, democracy and respect for human dignity."
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