Sunday, January 15, 2017

French Foreign Minister: Israeli-Palestinian conflict is core of Middle East violence

France has consistently blamed Israel for all Middle-East unrest.  This is just more of the same.

* France revitalizes the notion that Israel-Palestine conflict is at the core of instability in the Middle East
* France: Israel responsible for all Middle East unrest, says FM

It's an acceptable sentiment in Europe:

* Ireland: Fianna Fáil politician says Israel is the source of all the problems in the Middle East
* Norway/Denmark: Media blames Israel for Middle East crisis 
* Finland: Former president says youngsters radicalised in the Middle East partly because Palestinians have been treated badly
* Europe: Only the EU continues blindly to insist on the centrality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Jean-Marc Ayrault @ Haaretz (h/t Presspectiva)
The Middle East peace process cannot wait, for two main reasons.

First and foremost, the situation is urgent. Many crises throughout the region, from Syria to Libya, from Yemen to Iraq, have generated new threats to its stability. Some say that because of these crises, priorities need to be established, and in the name of these supposed priorities, resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be put off until later.

This is not what I believe: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be considered separately from its regional environment. Thinking that the Middle East could restore its stability without settling its oldest conflict is unrealistic. This conflict, if not dealt with, will continue to fuel frustration and will ultimately only worsen the vicious cycle of radicalization and violence. It will continue to give budding terrorists excuses for enlisting. The heinous attack in Jerusalem last Sunday is an additional warning sign.
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