Sunday, February 12, 2017

France: Media assumes Jews have dual loyalty problem

According to the ADL Global 100 Survey, a third of the French think Jews are more loyal to Israel than to France.

Via Walla:

This past Thursday, Le Pen told France 2 TV that she will not allow French citizens to hold double citizenship.The interviewer then asked specifically about Jews and Israeli citizenship.

Avi Zana, director of AMI, an organization that assists French immigrants to Israel, says the question expressed how French media see French Jews.  The journalist thought it was obvious that all French Jews hold Israeli citizenship, while the reality is that 99% of them don't.

"Le Pen's answer is important, but the journalist's question is more significant, because it shows the stigma that exists about Jews in France."

Avraham Azoulay, CEO of the Israeli French-language paper "Le Petit Hebdo" says that Jews in France are afraid.  "There's fear in the streets, and there's fear to talk at work".

According to Azoulay, Le Pen is attacking Jews as part of her attack on Muslims, but that's not worse than the Left, which does not oppose Muslims and opens the door to immigration and terrorism.  He sees no future for Jews in France, but says that it's already better to have Le Pen in charge, as it's better for the French.

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