Friday, June 29, 2018

Belgium: "Nude Belgian Model in Israel” story worse than you think

Belgian model chooses only to offend Jews, not Muslims, at nude photo shoot facing Western Wall

Via Israelly Cool:
You probably already read about Marisa Papen, the Belgian model who posed naked for a photograph overlooking the Western Wall. Tellingly, the photo does not include the Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount – although she claims it has nothing to do with being worried about the potential repercussions.(…)  
In any event, it turns out this enterprise is even more offensive than first thought. Israellycool reader David contacted Frank Rose, the agent behind the photo shoot, who sent him the portfolio of Papen’s photos from Israel, including some descriptions. For a start, the Western Wall photo is not the only photo mocking Judaism. There is also this one: (…)  
Again, not a chance these “trailblazers” would dare take a photo of a naked man reading from the Quran.
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Oxfam Belgium also uses sexual imagery to bash Israel

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