Wednesday, June 6, 2018

UK: Jeremy Corbyn is pitting Britain's Muslims against Jews

The Telegraph (Ed Husain):
In recent days, we have seen the worst elements of Jeremy Corbyn. Behind the veneer of an affable, bearded chap I see a sinister Marxist who believes in class warfare and also in pitting Britain’s Muslims against Jews.

Under Corbyn, the Labour party has a serious and sustained problem with Jew-hatred. Rightly, for months, there has been scrutiny of increased instances of anti-Semitism, with suspensions and investigations including the departure of Corbyn’s long-term ally Ken Livingstone. Lifting from the Soviet Union’s playbook of diversionary tactics, Corbyn has now accused the Conservatives of “Islamophobia”. This is the worst form of whataboutery, but I believe there is something darker at...
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