Thursday, January 9, 2020

Germany: Assailant punches and hurls antisemitic insult at man in Berlin

Via The Jerusalem Post:
A violent antisemitic attack took place on a subway train in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district on Monday.

“An entering passenger boarded and punched him in the face with his fist and antisemitically insulted him,” Berlin police said in a statement.

It remains unclear whether the victim was Jewish.

“The injured party, who was traveling with two family members, has filed a complaint with the Berlin police over the Internet,” the police said. “A commissioner of state protection at the State Criminal Police Office has taken over further investigations.”

In December, three teenage students taunted a fellow 14-year-old pupil with antisemitic insults while they strangled him, Berlin police said. The student survived the assault, The Jerusalem Post reported.
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