Saturday, January 4, 2020

Germany: Jewish pianist Igor Levit receives death threats

Via The Jerusalem Post:
Direct threats are not the only problem, Levit said, noting a recent incident in which a journalist asked him if “Israel is my homeland, because after all I’m a Jew.”  
Pianist Igor Levit says he has received death threats and is warning about an increase in hate crimes in Germany.

The Russian-born musician, 32, whose family immigrated to Germany in 1995, said he received an email in mid-November threatening an assassination attempt against him at a concert in southern Germany.

His spokeswoman told the German media that Levit informed the police and then played the concert under tight security.

In an essay for the Sunday edition of the Tagesspiegel newspaper, Levit wrote that the threat was “loud and clear.” The email’s author said he would silence this “Jewish pig” in front of his audience.
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