Monday, March 9, 2020

Portugal: Float mocking the Holocaust at university parade (2019)

Like Belgium, Spain carnivals, in Portugal the Holocaust was also mocked and trivialised at two student festivals.

The students of the University of Coimbra held their annual celebration - Queima das Fitas (Ribbon Burning) - in May 2019.  The parade featured a Faculty of Arts and Humanities float (FLUC) trivialising the Holocaust.  It represented a train titled "Alcoholocausto".  There were protests and the students remained defiant but reluctantly removed the reference to the Holocaust.

Adriana Bebiano, an Assistant Professor with the FLUC, spoke to the organisers of the float, whose identity was not revealed. Adriana Bebiano said that some of the students involved held anti-Semitic views.

More than 70 academics criticised the float.

In 2018, History students dressed as Jews and Nazis.

read more @ Philosémitisme (in French)

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