Thursday, March 5, 2020

UK: “There’s plenty of antisemitism in England. People don’t like Jews", says Jewish actress

Via Algemeiner:
[…] The actress ["Miriam Margolyes, 78, who played the role of Professor Sprout in the “Harry Potter” movie series"], who is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn despite allegations of antisemitism within Labour, also talked about Jew-hatred in the party, asserting, “I think that there is some antisemitism, but it is nowhere near as much as people say.”

“Corbyn handled it badly and I regret it, because he’s a good man and he’s not an antisemite,” Margolyes added. “But he should have gone, he should be out the way and let’s get on with new people.”

“And I think there’s plenty of antisemitism in England,” she noted. “People don’t like Jews. I’ve accepted that.” Margolyes said she also believed antisemitism was “widespread” in the UK’s Conservative Party, but that it was “never mentioned.”
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