Monday, June 29, 2020

Belgians call for murder of Jews in public (video)

Belgians shout: "Khaybar ya Yahud"

Via EJP:
Around 500 people, some waving Palestinian flags, who rallied around Place du Trône to denounce plans to apply Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank, called for a boycott of Israel and the implementation of international sanctions against the country. 
But a video shared on Twitter shows protesters shouting anti-Jewish slogans in Arabic and calling for the murder of Jews. The video led to angry reactions from readers. "Scandalous; It is an incitement to hatred." "It is incredible that this is allowed to be screamed in total impunity in the capital of Europe." "Under the pretext of anti-Zionism, they hate the Jews and call for their extermination." "Is Belgium still a country or a caliphate?"
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