Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Austria: Rapping duo convicted for antisemitic incitement

Last week "Yasser & OZman", a rapping duo, were convicted for antisemitic incitement.   They were given conditional prison sentences, and fined.

Their clips, which are available on YouTube, include lyrics about wanting to die in Jihad, earning money through drugs and a world ruled by Zionists.  On Facebook they wrote that Jews are a godless race.

In their closing statement, one said that they are not anti-Semites, since they're Semites themselves (they're of Egyptian and Turkish extraction).  The other apologized if anybody misunderstood the lyrics, and said that he was not an enemy of the Jews.

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Below are the lyrics (Google translated) for their song  "An alle Brüder" (To All Brothers).

Part1) Yasser
Every second will now be tough, be strong! Fuck the United States and Israel , I'm public enemy !
Baltagi sound in your ass because you think you're tough, 150 kilos of muscles but your heart is not strong! Bin for Phalastine , Intifada own state! Plo brother , Allah Yerham (may have in seelig ) Arafat , wearing a black beard , always against Uncle Sam , am a proud Muslim is shit I do not care what you say here ! No one can tell me what am surrounded by problems that me and especially my dear old father quälen.Ich am grateful , but there are too many things that we lack ! Look around - I am disappointed with this fucking life! Brothers kill brothers , nothing is as before, children throw stones and Israel shut down cold about it ! They think they are smarter ! What media , all liars ! Everyone is silent because the stories of the German leader!


To all the brothers out of the Ghaza
To all Masreyin ( Egyptians ) , Syrians , Lebanese, Iraqer !
To all Algeries , Marrocs , and Afghana
To all whites, all Africans !

To all Kosovo Albanians ,
To the Turks, Kurds, Bosnians , Tunsis , Iranians !
To all Noxchis to all Dagestani !
Cohesion then we fuck the shit Amrikaner !

Part2) Ozman

I befind me in nem Jungle different from millions of opinions about God and the world, and false prophecies . We see how they connect Islam with terror " Ya rab " these people are in their right mind . I'm trying to understand what drives people to shock but on a path of a dead-end balances , surrounded by liars and hypocrites of severely mentally ill Jehovah have testified . , the world in which we live is ruled by Zionists planned but because of the troop withdrawal was fucking confident and just a cheap media history because they have to report to interfere with what media.
Only Palastine Afghanistan and then Iraq ha! The them is not enough , now they want Iran, the Saudis to behold because they have no Iman . The traitors are allied with Allah's greatest enemies , because they do not know that HE knows what they are doing while they earn by their brethren suffer , tanks before the children are throwing the stones ! what people cry like this no tears . Mosques are blown up civilians hanged is Obama's comment about "Yes we Can" . 's Why . Freemasons for all at the end , I'll get the eye in the crosshairs pull the trigger

Part3 ) Yasser

I speak of it , what no one dares here . I 'm going to die in Jihad , brother , it was my dream. So it shall be, believe me you will still see. El UMMAH EL ARABEYA ( the Arab nation ) is now finally stand up ( AJUAA ) . Struggles as Shahid die, against the corrupt system . Come visit us once brother , believe me you'll see. Many people come , but many go here . Chaos , hunger , corruption, power many by drehn now . SEE how the children stand on the street corner , sniffing grass powder and son fucking shit , take in , while other men , all who take life . Weaknesses you may never be , only the strong survive in this poor life , where many companies and not giving. You help your friends who simply steal from you. Your honor a bill , you dog ! I stand against anyone Lionheart ! Never Get on your knees Sahbi (my friend) except when praying !

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