Friday, January 10, 2014

Bernard-Henri Lévy: "We have to hit these guys in their wallets"

An interview with Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher and writer.
Generally, do you believe that racism and anti-Semitism are on the rise in France? 

With regard to racism, obviously. Look how slow the politicians were to react to the insults hurled at the Keeper of the Seals. With regard to anti-Semitism, I'm afraid the situation may not be any better, and I'm shocked to hear more and more young Jews wondering if they're still welcome in a country that tolerates Nazi salutes in front of the deportation memorial or the Jewish school in Toulouse, where four children were killed because they were Jewish. We have to stop this spiral of hate. Above and beyond the "shows," we have to call out the hosts of the websites of Dieudonné and Soral. And, because all this is also a profitable little business with trademarks and petty disputes among rights holders, we also have to hit these guys in their wallets.

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