Friday, January 24, 2014

Norway: Anti-Islam terrorist loves Israel.. because that's where he'll send all the disloyal Jews

Swedish magazine Expo Idag reports that Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik wrote a letter to the international media in which he says that he loves Israel since in the future that will be the place where "disloyal Jews" will be deported.

More: Expo Idag

After Breivik's murder spree, Time Magazine published an article: "Why Norway Terror Accused Breivik Says he Loves Israel":
There was a time when a blond, blue-eyed nationalist looking to violently rid Europe of its “alien” immigrant population could be reliably assumed to hate Jews. It’s no longer quite that simple.


his manifesto hails Zionist Jews as a crucial ally in his battle between Christendom and Islam, proclaiming Israel as the frontline citadel in that war. Breivik’s Crusade would have Jews on board for an existential fight against Islam; the mirror image of the “Crusader-Jewish” alliance that Osama bin Laden vowed to drive out of what he defined as Muslim lands.

“Never target a jew because he is a Jew,” Breivik writes, “but rather because he is a … traitor.”

 Breivik calculates that about 75% of European Jews are multiculturalists and therefore 'disloyal'.

According to Time Magazine, wanting to rid Europe of at least 75% of its Jewish population, does not count as being "reliably assumed to hate Jews".  I guess they think that if you are willing to let 25% of Jews live, you're a Jew-lover.

More to the point, the assumption is that if you love Israel, you love the Jews.  But while it is true that Israel-haters hate Jews, the opposite is not always true at all.

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