Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Greece: "They want to crush Greece"

Via Business Insider:
The queue at the machine wasn't actually too long - there were probably about 30 people. There were longer, snaking queues at other machines we drove past in the city. This was past 11 p.m, but the place is still buzzing at that time.

The one man that approached me said that the situation was the result of "Zionists." My phone was out of battery by the time I got to the ATM, so I wasn't able to record the conversation (though I'm not sure he would have liked that much anyway).

He blamed "Rothschilds" for the crisis, adding "we Greeks are Hellenic, the people of light. Now we only have a little light, not like in ancient times. They are trying to put us out."

"It's not the fault of German people, it's not the fault of European people. You have to get to the source... they want to crush Greece."  more

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