Friday, June 26, 2015

Spain: Newspaper columnist wonders why Hitler didn't finish the job

A columnist for the Spanish newspaper "", called "Barbijaputa", claims on her blog that all Jews are anti-women, as well as having tweets admiring Hitler and lamenting on how he "didn't finish off the job".   Her Twitter account has close to 180,000 followers who obviously approve of what she writes.

"Barbijaputa" declares that she has drawn her "knowledge" of Jews from the time when she worked for Iberia as a flight attendant on the Madrid-Tel Aviv route - she realised that "the Jew" is generally a very macho passenger.  Her outrage was such that she wrote: 

"Before working on the flights to Tel Aviv, I was a normal person.   But now I am more inclined to read "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" to cheer me up". 

And this:

"What would be more appropriate? To eradicate the whole of Israel or only the Jews?" 

To someone who criticised her, "Barbijaputa" replied: 

"It's obvious that you never worked in an airplane full of Jews.  IT'S OBVIOUS". 

In turn Astrid made the compelling point: 

"How would we rate someone who told us 'You have never driven a bus loaded with Arabs' in order justify his/her prejudices?" 

Indeed, but "Barbijaputa" like many high-minded Europeans would never write anything derogatory about Arabs, only about Jews.  They know they would instantly lose their jobs in the media or elsewhere.  The newspaper she writes in hasn't expressed a single thing over the subject.  Instead of recanting, she's doubling down.

A few years ago "Barbijaputa" considered that Hitler had "screwed up" the job by not "finishing off" with the Jews.  On another tweet she proclaims she is a fan of dead Jews, etc:

Unsurprisingly, "Barbijaputa" also seems to believe that there is some sort of a right wing conspiracy against her because the PP is reeling following the electoral gains made by the Left and is worried about the next elections later this year.  They are therefore engaged in smearing campaigns against her and Guillermo Zapata, the Madrid councillor in charge of culture who joked about the extermination and burning of Jews.  She pretends that the Right is always sympathetic to Israel despite the extermination Jews are carrying out in Palestine. 

You will find more about this story @ Greenshines (in Spanish).

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