Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Netherlands: Another Labour government official spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories

Last year we reported about a top Dutch official of the Justice Ministry, Yasmina Haifi, who tweeted that ISIS is a Zionist conspiracy.  Haifi, a member of the Labour Party, managed to keep her job.

Turns out she wasn't the only one.

Likud.nl and journalist Carel Brendel report that Aissa Zanzen, another official of the Justice ministry and member of the Labour party, is an antisemite who holds antisemitic conspiracy theories.

The tweet in question, posted in July 2014, says "Snowden confirms that Al Baghdadi [head of Islamic State] was created by the MOSSAD".

Zanzen is active in various Moroccan organzations and in Amsterdam local politics.  On his LinkedIn profile he claims to be a top official in the Justice Ministry, but apparently he's 'just' an official.

For this tweet Zanzen relies on the ever-reliable croah.fr site, the (former) site of the antisemitic cartoonist Jo Le Corbeau.  For more on Le Corbeau's antisemitic activities see here and here.
 Zanzen also posted the following photo, which says that Issam al-Bashir, top man in the Muslim Broterhood, is his "favorite scholar".

Will the Labour Party finally reject its antisemitic members, who spew hatred against Jews and Israel? 

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