Friday, June 3, 2016

Switzerland: Journalist compares hatred of Russians to hatred of Jews

Via Pravada Report:
In May 2015, Geneva-based publishing house Editions des Syrtes published a bestselling book by well-known journalist and writer Guy Mettan titled "West - Russia: The Thousand-Year History of War Russophobia from Charlemagne to the Ukrainian Crisis."

The word combination "bestselling book" means here that the circulation of 3,000 copies of the French version of the book was sold out instantly. A "bombshell" would be too weak a word to describe the controversy that the book by this veteran journalist caused.

Although, as the author himself admits, in France, they tried to pretend that they did not notice the book. In Switzerland, Mettan's home country, on the contrary, people and major media outlets showed great interest in the work.


Guy Mettan pointed out a similarity between the persecution of Jews and hatred of Russians throughout history. "In essence, Russophobia is akin to anti-Semitism,  although, of course, this is not the same. Like anti-Semitism, Russophobia is not a temporary phenomenon associated with certain historical events. Like anti-Semitism, it is rooted primarily in the brain, regardless of how the object of dislike actually behaves. Like anti-Semitism, Russophobia seeks to build certain negative properties of an object of hate into a principle. In our case, it goes about such properties as barbarism, despotism, territorial expansion."

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