Tuesday, June 14, 2016

UK: Glasgow University Palestine Society justifies terror attack in Tel Aviv

Via Algemeiner:
An anti-Israel student group at the University of Glasgow (GU) in Scotland is under investigation after publicly justifying Wednesday’s bloody terror attack in Tel Aviv, The Algemeiner has learned.

The Glasgow University Palestine Society (GUPS) released a statement on its Facebook page on Thursday concerning the attack, which killed four people — two men and two women — and wounded 16.


Concluding the post, GUPS justified the actions of the terrorists behind the Tel Aviv attack and seemingly all terrorism against Israel, writing:

    As stated so many times: when you oppress a people, suppress their basic human rights and freedom of movement, steal their land and natural resources, demolish their homes, murder their families, enforce discriminatory and apartheid laws upon them, do not bring to justice those who attack them – then this is the outcome. End these despicable practices of brutal military occupation NOW!!

Responding to the GUPS post, Lea Balint, GU’s Jewish Society president, told The Algemeiner on Friday, “It’s hard not to view such comments as hostile to Jews. GUPS not only justifies violence against Israelis, but they also display a constant urge to comment on Jewish affairs and Judaism in a less-than-fortunate manner.”

“We have never cared about their criticism of Israel, but we are very concerned when they express admiration for perpetrators of violence against Jews, when they justify violence against Jews, when they downplay antisemitism, and when they engage in antisemitism themselves. Unfortunately, we’ve had plenty of examples of each of these over the past years,” she said.

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