Thursday, June 16, 2016

The newest European media blood-libel against Jews: Israel cut off water to fasting Palestinians

European media are at it again.

The Palestinians claim that Israel is evil and cut off water in the heat of summer and Ramadan to thousands of helpless Palestinians, and the European media reports the claims verbatim, even though they're quite aware that antisemitic conspiracy theories are very common among Palestinians, and even though they're aware that Israel denies these claims outright.

Make no mistake: this is antisemitic incitement.

In the UK, The Independent reported this new antisemitic conspiracy story. 

Of course, there's a little note at the bottom that gives the Israeli explanation: it's a burst water pipe.  If you manage to read all the way to the bottom.   The media cover their antisemitism by putting the headline in quotes.

 The Independent is not claiming that Israel cut off water to the Palestinians.  It's claiming that Israel 'cuts off water supply to West Bank' during Muslim holy month.

See the difference?

In Belgium, De Morgen reported that "Israel left tens of thousands of Palestinians without water during Ramadan".  Notice the quotes on this headline.

The article appears under the rubric "Remembering Palestine".

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