Monday, December 12, 2016

France: AFP's journalist Nasser Abu Baker ran for Fatah Revolutionary Council

Typical of the views of the French government via Agence France Presse.  It doesn't seem to bother French journalists at all.

Via Camera:
Nasser Abu Baker, wearing a Palestinian Authority military uniform (Source Facebook, Jan. 31, 2016)
AFP's Nasser Abu Baker is one of 1,400 delegates attending the Seventh Fatah Congress, which wraps up today (4 Dec.). Moreover, he is running for the Fatah Revolutionary Council. As a Palestinian news site reported: 
Nasser Abu Baker, Chairman of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and the Representative of Palestine at the International Journalists Union, announced on Monday his intention to present his candidacy to the election for the Fatah Revolutionary Council during the Seventh Fatah Congress that is being held in Ramallah. Abu Baker said he views the convening and the success of the Fatah Congress as an historic revival for Fatah and a renewal of its leadership and struggling spirit. He said that Congress's positive effects will affect Fatah and the arousal of the Palestinian cause.
Abu Baker clarified that his intention to present his candidacy and become a member of the Revolutionary Council stems from his keenness to upgrade the Fatah media and the significance of representation of journalists in the leadership of Fatah.
"My decision to run in the election for the Revolutionary Council stems from my and my colleagues' desire to awaken the Fatah media, which needs to be awakened so that it would be devoted primarily in favor of the national interest and redirect the compass toward our cause toward Jerusalem and the (right of) return."‭ 
At 10 a.m. EST today, when official election results are available, it will become known whether congratulations are due to the AFP for owning the dubious distinction of being the first Western media outlet with representation on the Fatah Revolutionary Council. At what point, if at all, does AFP draw a red line, determining that its stated commitment to maintain independence from "economic or political interests" is actually a guiding principle, and not just a declarative statement?
According to final lists, AFP's Abu Baker did not win a seat on the Fatah Revolutionary Council.
Read the excellent research work by CAMERA about AFP's Nasser Abu Baker

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