Wednesday, December 14, 2016

France: Bullets found at the Le Havre Synagogue

Another act of intimation against the Jewish community in France!

Le Havre Synagogue
Paris-Normandie reports that firearm bullets were found at the Le Havre synagogue. The police is investigation the matter.

The case is being taken very seriously by the police and judicial authorities, as it concerns a place of worship. Twice, in less than a week, bullets were found in front and in the mailbox of the synagogue. "The first discovery took place on Monday, November 28, and it was municipal police officers who saw the projectiles, said a member of the Jewish community. The second discovery took place on Friday, December 2. There were two bullets in the mailbox, and six or seven others on the ground next to the front door."

One hundred Jewish families live in Le Havre.  For over 15 years, "the weekly Shabbat services and all the major events in the synagogue are put under the surveillance of the city and police security teams", according to Victor Elgressy.

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