Thursday, December 15, 2016

Netherlands: DENK, a new Muslim anti-Israel party

Via Israel National News (written by Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld):
This is the direction Europe is taking. 
The massive non-selective immigration of Muslims into Western Europe is the worst that happened to Jewish communities in Western Europe since the Holocaust. It has also led to the most evil attacks on Israel’s standing in Western Europe. A new development in the Netherlands adds further to the latter.  
The new national party DENK (Think) party aims mainly at Muslim voters. Its initiators are two Turkish-born parliamentarians Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk. They were expelled from the Labor party (PvdA) faction at the end of 2014 because they opposed the integration policy for immigrants of Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA).[1] He had criticized the role of some Dutch Turkish organizations concerning integration of immigrants.[2] Kuzu got some international attention when, during Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to the Netherlands on 7 September 2016, he refused to shake his hand.
DENK favors the recognition of the non-existing Palestinian state. This policy has the support of all Dutch parties on the political left. These include the extreme left SP socialist party, the Green Left party, the party for the Animals, the Labor party and the D66 left-liberals. A recent parliamentary motion to recognize Palestine was defeated by 76 against 71 votes.[3]  (...) 
DENK takes a more extreme anti-Israeli position than all other parliamentary parties. It wants to prohibit the import of products from “illegal” Israeli settlements.[5] It also wants the Dutch government to request the Israeli government to reimburse the Dutch investment “in development projects in ‘Palestine’ which have been destroyed by proven actions of the Israeli government.”[6] 
The number of immigrants and their descendants in the Netherlands from Muslim countries is about one million. This represents about 6% of the Dutch population. One third of these originate from Turkey. There 69% of the adult population are classic anti-Semites as published in 2014 in a global study of the Anti Defamation League.[16] Almost one third are Moroccans. The same study found that there the number of classic anti-Semites is 80%.[17] One might characterize one aspect of the Dutch non-selective immigration policy as a huge program bringing in many anti-Semites from Muslim countries.
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