Monday, May 8, 2017

Belgium: Walloon region votes to ban ritual slaughter

Via Jerusalem Post:
The Belgian Walloon Parliament’s environment committee on Friday voted unanimously to ban the slaughter of unstunned animals, which thus outlaws shechita (slaughter) according to Jewish law as well as Islamic halal rituals.

Both require that butchers swiftly slaughter the animal by slitting its throat and draining the blood, but most animal rights campaigners say it is more humane to stun animals electrically before killing them.

According to the text which was amended and voted on Friday, the implementation of the law is to be delayed until September 1, 2019.

The Parliament’s plenary will debate the issue later this month. A similar move has been proposed by the parliament in the Flanders region.

The decision has sparked outrage in the Jewish community, with Abraham Guigui, the country’s chief rabbi, slamming the vote as hypocritical while noting that hunting for entertainment is permitted by law. “We will fight resolutely against the legislation, which was also prohibited by the constitutional court, by all means available to us,” he said.

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