Wednesday, May 10, 2017

UK: Labour Students' co-chair claimed “Hitler was Jewish”

Via Guido Fawkes:
The Corbynista co-chair of Manchester Labour Students has been forced to resign after it was revealed he claimed “Hitler was Jewish” and compared Israel to ISIS. Tayyib Nawaz, a psychology student at Manchester Metropolitan University, posted a series of tweets last year which are remarkably grim even by the standards of recent Labour anti-Semitism scandals.

In other remarkable comments Nawaz wrote: 
“ISIS is not a democratic organisation like Israel but both murder civilians and claim their authority is from God. “Zionism is scum, even Einstein was against the Zionist terrorism which pressured the creation of Israel. “Muslim feminism supporters? Muslim Gay rights activists? If my kids were any of these I’d slap them. “When you spell Gay wrong but your phone auto corrects it to Fag”.
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