Monday, May 1, 2017

France: Le Pen's choice of PM is a noted critic of Israel

Dupont-Aignan's comments are in line with the long-standing "Arab policy of France".  He is not the only Presidential candidate to show hostility towards Israel.  Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who got around 19% of the vote in the first round of the election, has a record of statements deemed anti-Semitic.  Benoît Hamon, the Socialist primary winner had the backing of prominent anti-Semites.  Richard Ferrand, a socialist MP who is general secretary of Emmanuel Macron's political party, En Marche!, has donated 2,000 euros from his parliamentary funds to the rabid anti-Israel NGO France-Palestine.  And the list could go on and on...

Via Ynet News:
French far-right Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen announced Saturday that should she win the election, she will appoint fellow right-wing politician Nicolas Dupont-Aignan as prime minister. 
Dupont-Aignan was criticized by Jewish officials in France for his harsh criticism of Israel at the onset of ground operations during Operation Protective Edge. At the time, Dupont-Aignan's comments were contrary to the position of French President Francois Hollande, who gave Israel some breathing room during the operation in Gaza.

In comments sharply attacking the Israeli government and Western nations for giving Israel the green light to conduct the operation, Dupont-Aignan said, "After the bombings and enormous damage in the killing of hundreds of innocent civilians, men, woman and children, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has entered a new phase with the Israeli army's invasion of the Gaza Strip, while the UN, West and France remain silent."

At the time, Dupont-Aignan stressed the "lack of proportionality" between the combined forces involved in fighting in the Gaza Strip.

"Whatever responsibility Hamas leaders have in the break out of this conflict, the path Israel has chosen will only lead to a dead end. The tension and hatred in the region against Netanyahu will not be reduced by piles of rubble and corpses. France's attitude towards it is absolutely scandalous," said Dupont-Aignan.
In a statement to French President Francois Hollande during the operation, Dupont-Aignan said, "We expect our government to take the initiative for international action that will force Israel to respect UN resolutions, meaning, to withdraw from the territories and dismantle the illegal settlements.

"Only in this way will it be possible to avoid importing this conflict into our country and to stop the new massacre being waged. Only thus will it be possible to restore lasting peace to the Middle East. If we allow this intolerable situation to worsen and worsen, it will be an act that is not only stupid, but also criminal."
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