Monday, July 31, 2017

France: Yet another vile anti-Israel demonstration in Paris

This happened in Paris at Place Saint-Michel on July 29. A few Islamists organized a demonstration.  Israeli-Zionists were assimilated to the Nazis and Palestinian terrorists to Jean Moulin who "was a high-profile member of the Resistance in France during World War II He is remembered today as an emblem of the Resistance, owing mainly to his role in unifying the French resistance under Charles de Gaulle and his death at the hands of the Gestapo"They do not hesitate to use their children, something the members of the French resistance against the Nazis would never do. Vociferations, flags ... Vile.

Via Catherine Pederzoli-Ventura:
Comparing French resistance hero Jean Moulin to Palestinian terrorists like Hamas's Sheikh Yassin
"Zionists of today are like the Nazis of yesterday"

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