Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Greece: Anti-Semitic comedian has central role in play to be staged in ancient theater of Epidaurus

Via European Jewish Press:

Tzimis Panousis
A well-known anti-Semitic comedian in Greece, Tzimis Panousis, will have the role of Trigaios, a peace maker in ancient Athens, in the theatrical play "Eirene" (Peace) by Aristophanes that will be staged in the ancient theater of Epidaurus. 
Tzimis Panousis was quoted as saying last week in an interview to the daily "To Vima", that "we the Greeks are the new Jews of the season. Then the Nazis chose the Jews, now the Neo-Nazis, the blue family of Schäuble, have chosen us, the Greeks".   
Panousis used to call the Jews as "jewdeonazis" and in 2013 issued a poster to promote his performances, in which the Star of David was identified with the Nazi swastika. 
Central avenues in Athens were full of these shameful posters and only after the intervention of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, the authorities removed them. 
In reply to a question, if the National Theater of Greece agrees to such views that equate the Holocaust of 6,000,000 Jews with the situation of the Greeks today, Rena Kyprioti from the office of the Art Director said that the National Theater collaborates with more than 200 artists per year and therefore all their views are personal and "the Artistic Directorate does not comment on statements made by collaborating artists".
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Via Wikipedia:
Accusations of antisemitism  
Panousis has been accused by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece of expressing antisemitic views, not seldom in connection with his standpoint in the Israel-Palestine conflict.  
During an episode of his show Δούρειος Ήχος ("Trojan Sound") at the radio channel City 99,5 in 2009, he used expressions such as "Jews - Pigs - Murderers [...] may you die a horrible death" and "[...] the Jews control all the banks in the American empire, they control all of the show biz [...]", while also referring to the conflict in Gaza. 
In 2013, Greek Jewish organisations were appalled by the use of a symbol consisting of the David star entwined with a swastika (the symbol itself is used by the Raelites) for the posters of his show "Troika Club". In relation to this symbol, Panousis has been using the term "nazi Jews" ("εβραιοναζί" in Greek) when describing current Israeli politics.

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