Monday, July 3, 2017

UK: Ebrahim Bham – A perfect preacher for Palestine Expo (London)

Via Harry's Place:
When Ismail Patel and his Friends of al-Aqsa group organise a conference on Palestine, one can be confident that the speakers will be suitable for the cause. Namely, hating Israel and loving Hamas. This is Mr Patel’s lifelong mission. 
Sure enough, the prominent South African preacher Ebrahim Bham is on the bill for Mr Patel’s Palestine Expo, which will be held next weekend at the QE II Centre in Westminster. 
Mr Bham’s preaching record shows that he is a perfect match for Mr Patel. 
The Israeli People? Nazis! 
In a sermon on Israel, Bham knows exactly where to turn. Tell people the Israelis are like the Nazis. First he quotes Goebbels: 
People tell me that Jews are human beings. Yes, I know they are human beings. Just as fleas are also animals. Just as fleas are also animals, they are also part of human beings like that.
Those words, he then says, explain Israelis today: 
Using that example, the psyche of the whole people seems to be to mete out the very same treatment to others the way was meted out toward them. And that seems to be the psyche. That they don’t regard Palestinians as human beings.
Note the slur on the entire Israeli people rather than a politician, a party, or the IDF. 
Rightly, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) includes “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” as one example of antisemitism in its working definition. Our government has formally adopted the IHRA working definition.
Furthermore, Bham says, it is the “nature” of the Israelis that makes a two state solution impossible: 
The reason they will not agree to it, it bounds them to a certain boundary and they are by nature expansionists who do not want to be bounded by a certain boundary. Because when they have a boundary, they can’t expand, they have to accept it.
Rejecting Jews and Christians 
Bham doesn’t have it in for Israelis alone. Oh no. All Jews and Christians are agents of Satan, he says in another sermon: 
For us to expect otherwise, or to try and appease the Americans or the Western world is naïve in the extreme. The Qur’an tells us “the Yahood [Jews] and the Nasara [Christians] will never be pleased with you.” You can never appease them until you follow their religion, their way of life, and we are not prepared to do that. We will never be able to do that. It is naïve to expect otherwise.  
Then secondly, the aims, the objectives, the goals of Islam are completely opposed to what they believe, are completely opposed to their dreams, objectives and goals. So they are fulfilling their evil urges. They are fulfilling their evil urges, acting as agents of Shaytaan [Satan] in employing instruments, methods and plots against Islam and the Muslims.
Bham repeatedly uses the disparaging term kuffar for disbelievers in this sermon and concludes with a call to “instil fear in the hearts of your enemies and the enemies of Islam and the Muslims”.

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