Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Germany: Draft bill aims to allow deportation of migrants with anti-Semitic views

If they can't be outright anti-semites, they will say they are anti-Zionists or that they are only criticizing the "apartheid" regime of Israel...

Via I 24 News:
Study by American Jewish Committee in Berlin found wide-spread anti-Semitism among Syrian, Iraqi refugees

Germany plans to review a draft bill that would allow authorities to revoke the residency permits of migrants with anti-Semitic views. Chancellor Angela Merkel's party intends to introduce the draft legislation ahead of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27.

“Who rejects Jewish life in Germany cannot have a place in our country,” reads the draft bill, according to the German daily newspaper Die Welt. It also defines “unrestricted acceptance of Jewish life” as the “benchmark for successful integration.”

The proposal by Merkel's party CDU and its Bavarian sister-party CSU urges the Bundestag to revise immigration law so as to give more weight “to the call for hatred against a part of the population.”

It also asks the parliament “to counter the danger to peaceful coexistence posed by intellectual arsonists early on by classifying this behavior as a particularly serious cause for expulsion”.
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