Tuesday, January 2, 2018

UK: BBC's new drama McMafia under fire for anti-Israel tropes

Via The Jewish Chronicle:
The BBC has been accused of resorting to “gratuitous slurs” in its new drama series, McMafia, over the portrayal of an Israeli character.

The influential UK Lawyers for Israel group issued a statement following the broadcast of the first episode on BBC1 on Monday evening, attacked the depiction of Semiyon Kleiman, a shady businessman and politician, played by actor David Strathairn.

The group also claimed that the much-hyped programme also made references to Israel which were not mentioned in the book by author Mischa Glenny, on which the drama was based.

In a further criticism, UKLFI also claimed that programme-makers had distorted the meaning of the motto of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad.

In the statement, posted on UKLFI's Facebook page, the group wrote: "BBC 1 mini-series, McMafia, uses gratuitous slurs against Israeli businessmen and makes references to Israel which aren't mentioned in the original book, McMafia, by Mischa Glenny.

“Furthermore, the mini-series distorts the motto of Mossad which was quoted in the drama, as 'By deception we will do war'.

“The actual motto comes from Proverbs, 24.6 and says 'For by wise guidance you can wage your war'.  
“The use of the word 'deception' in substitute for the words 'wise guidance' attacks the integrity of Mossad and insinuates that Israel officially sanctions deception in its intelligence activities. (...)
Award-winning scriptwriters James Watkins and Hossein Amini are behind the series which and is co-produced by the BBC, AMC and Cuba Pictures, in association with Twickenham Studios.
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