Friday, January 19, 2018

UK: Corbyn’s campaign chief is member of anti-semitic Facebook groups which say 7/7 attacks were an ‘inside job’

Via Sun:
LABOUR’S campaign boss was signed up to a string of vile Facebook pages including anti-semitic memes and conspiracy theories, it emerged today.

Andrew Gwynne - who has boasted about his campaign’s tech skills - joined groups which accused the royals of paedophilia and claimed the 7/7 attack was an inside job.

He appears to have hastily unsubscribed from the groups after being exposed by the Guido Fawkes website - and claims he was added to them without knowing.

One of the groups which Mr Gwynne, the MP for Denton and Reddish, belonged to was called “STOP ZIONIST USA!”

Other members of the group posted messages claiming that Jewish people were responsible for all global terrorism and blaming wealthy Jews for “everything awful going on in this world”.

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