Sunday, December 15, 2019

France: 67% of French people indifferent to Jews leaving France

Georges Bensoussan, French historian, @ Marianne (Google translation from the French):
[...] Above all, I believe that the demonization of the State of Israel is the legacy left behind by the intense communist propaganda, now forgotten, in particular by the former Soviet Union which, between the 1950s and the 1990s, produced a huge amount of anti-Israeli "literature" steeped in old Russian anti-Semitism mixed with anti-capitalism.  […]
The demonization of the Jewish state is also the result of the new demographic balance of power that now prevails in Europe through the important Arab-Muslim immigration, in particular to France, the country which is home to the largest Muslim community in Europe (25% of European Muslims live in France) and also home to the largest Jewish community. The vast majority of this immigration comes from the Arab world and in particular from the Maghreb where hatred of the State of Israel is widespread and unrelenting, especially in Algeria. […]
[…] a recent poll, taken barely two years ago but by now forgotten, revealed that 67% of the French people were indifferent to the departure of the Jews. Admittedly, only a tiny minority rejoiced in it and a good third deplored it. But the figure of 67% was there, and it showed the overwhelming level of indifference, the source of so many woes. 
read the full article (in French)

Read also @ National Geographic:
'Things have only gotten worse': French Jews are fleeing their country.  Facing record levels of anti-Semitism, members of Europe's largest Jewish population seek a new life in Israel—and face new challenges.

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