Wednesday, December 18, 2019

UK: The Office actor shares post saying 'rich Jews play the antisemitism card to protect themselves'

Via Jewish Chronicle:
An actor who starred in The Office shared a statement on social media that said "some rich Jews play the ‘anti-semitism’ card to protect themselves" in a discussion over Labour's disastrous election result.

Ewen MacIntosh, who played Keith Bishop in the iconic sitcom, posted a long statement that he attributed to “one of the wisest Jewish men I know” on Facebook response to Jewish comedian and writer Lee Kern.

The statement accuses Jews of "hyper-sensitivity" that "leads us to see ANY criticism of Jews" as racism, says "outrageous activities of The State of Israel towards the Palestinians" inspire antisemitism and claims "many Jews" are "rich" and therefore their "position is threatened" by Labour.

“One can see how certain people make the amalgam of ‘Jewish = Genocidal rich evil people who wish to rule the world’ and that 'some rich Jews play the ‘anti-semitism’ card to protect themselves' from Labour," the statement says.

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