Sunday, December 22, 2019

Germany: Jewish leader says political parties infected with antisemitism

Via The Jerusalem Post:
The chairman of the Jewish community in Halle, Germany, where a neo-Nazi attempted to shoot up a synagogue on Yom Kippur, said that all German political parties are infected with Jew-hatred, according to a Sunday interview in the Bild paper.

“All parties are infected by the antisemitism virus," Max Privorozki, the head of the tiny Jewish community in Halle, told Bild in an eye-popping interview, adding: “I would not recommend to anyone to walk through Halle wearing a kippah.” […]

Members of other German political parties have come under fire in 2019 for supporting Iranian antisemites and allegedly mainstreaming Holocaust denial.

Some telling examples of antisemitism scandals over the last year, according to German media reports and critics, unfolded within the German Green Party and the Social Democratic Party.

The German Green Party was plunged into its most devastating antisemitism scandal in October, over its vice president’s mainstreaming of a senior Iranian politician who denies the Holocaust and seeks the destruction of the Jewish state. Green Party Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth’s zealously greeted the speaker of Iran’s ersatz parliament, Ali Larijani a few weeks after Halle attack.

German Green Party MP, who signed on to an anti-Israel Green Party initiative to label Jewish products from the disputed territories in 2013, is on the board of the German-Palestinian Association—an organization that traffics in BDS and antisemitism.

Niels Annen, a state secretary in the Foreign Ministry and an MP for the Social Democratic Party, attended and defended a celebration of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s 40-year revolution at the Iranian Embassy in Germany in February. Iran’s regime is the leading state-sponsor of lethal antisemitism, Holocaust denial and terrorism.

A 2017 federal government study said 40% of Germans hold a modern antisemitic attitude, namely the intense loathing of the Jewish state. The study revealed that nearly 33 million Germans of 82 million are contaminated with contemporary antisemitism.
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