Friday, November 29, 2013

Italy: Lawyer refers to his opponent as "the Jew"

Paolo Polidori, Northern League politician, is on trial for incitement to racism, after he said at a party conference last spring that Prime Minister Mario Monti and his government were expressions of Jewish-Mason power.  In response to criticism from the Jewish community, Polidori repeated that global financial power was in Jewish-Mason hands.

Polidori was charged and is currently on trial.  But the trial has now turned into another complaint of racism, this time against Polidori's lawyer, Giuseppe Turco.  During the trial Turco constantly referred to the Jewish community's lawyer, Alberto Kostoris, as "The Jew".

When asked by the judge to use language better suited to the courtroom, Turco replied that he saw nothing wrong with it.  Kostoris is Jewish, and had said he's proud to be a Jew.  Kostoris complained to the Italian bar.

More: Il Messaggero Veneto (via Focus On Israel)

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