Wednesday, November 20, 2013

UK: Candles (and Jews) blown out in Wales

A group of Aberystwyth residents are up in arms over the exclusion of Orthodox Jews from their holiday homes. 
Aberystwyth University has historically rented 150 student houses to members of Manchester’s Charedi community every August, for the past 20 years. This saw an influx of around a thousand Orthodox Jews to the area. 
Last May, the university banned the use of candles in the residences, citing health and safety issues after a “minor incident” with a lighted candle. 
The Orthodox visitors were thereby effectively banned from staying in the houses. 
Diane Richards, a specialist cancer nurse who was an instigator in writing the letter, called the university’s reasoning “spurious — I don’t know if it was antisemitism, I’m not sure if it was ignorance… but it is suspicious.”

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