Sunday, November 24, 2013

UK: Times Publishes Op-Ed Saying Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Children With Relative Impunity

A British lawyer named Roy Amlot wrote an op-ed for The Times, ‘West Bank: justice in the military courts‘, November 14, recounting his recent experiences visiting the West Bank “to observe the military courts in action…under the aegis of the Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC).”


However, the most egregious smear is found in the last paragraph of Amlot’s piece:

Where sentences are imposed [against Israeli soldiers], they are woefully lenient.Killing a Palestinian child may attract no more than a few months of community service. It is discrimination at its worst.


Beyond the specifics, however, the smear that Israeli soldiers murder Palestinian children with impunity is part of a larger lethal narrative advanced by anti-Israel activists and some Guardian “journalists” which we’ve addressed previously. Indeed, no matter how absurd the charges that the IDF targets innocent Palestinian kids, such morally reckless memes evoking the specter of unimaginable Jewish malevolence have become so ingrained in the Islamist and extreme-left imagination that the facts regarding such libels become almost irrelevant.

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