Friday, April 11, 2014

Hungary: Jews harassed with shouts of "Jews, go home"

Describing the life of Hungary's Jews today, Tal says: "I won’t tell you that people are afraid of going out on the street, but you do see anti-Semitism, you feel it, and it is present almost everywhere, both in drawings and in graffiti.

"We have friends who are not-Jewish but have dark hair, and when they got on the tram they were verbally attacked by radical rightists, who shouted at them, 'Jews, go away.' The children don't feel the anti-Semitism in the educational institutions, because it raises its head mainly in political protests on main streets."

Rabbi Vero adds that "there are no physical assaults of Jews, but people who walk around Budapest's streets with a skullcap are sometimes verbally attacked with shouts such as 'Jews, go home' or 'this is not your place.' There are drawings of swastikas and the Jews are afraid of being harassed."

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