Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ukraine: Pro-Russian TV channel to combat ‘zombie Zionist broadcasting’

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress has posted a video produced by the armed pro-Russian separatists who, aided by Russian military specialists, seized control in Slovyansk a week ago.  As reported, these militants have shown particular animosity towards journalists, many of whom have left the city.  On April 17 they seized the TV tower providing a signal to Slovyansk and other cities in the Donetsk oblast: Kramatorsk, Horlivka and Makiyivka.  Ukrainian channels were removed from air, with Russian propaganda channels given the frequencies.  
Motley anti-Semites have a tendency of making themselves heard on April 20 [Adolf Hitler’s birthday] and this, quite literally, is what the pro-Russian militants did by starting up their own TV channel.  Their presentation video can be seen here
The three activists’ boast about their imminent  “victory” with this described in overly anti-Semitic mode. “Here, from Slovyansk, we are inflicting a powerful information conceptual blow to the biblical matrix … to Zionist zombie broadcasting”.  They assert that a new page in history is beginning in Slovyansk and that they are “undermining the pillar of the totalitarian pyramid”.  They say that they have blocked the “enemy TV channel Inter, and that people will finally be able to hear the truth.
More: Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

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