Sunday, April 27, 2014

Russia: RT news anchor believes "there is too much Jewish money in America"

RT sits on Freeview three channels away from the BBC, two from Sky News. For a while its audience figures in Britain were higher than Al Jazeera's. But if RT wants its viewers to question more, it also has a clear idea of what answers we should find. In recent interviews in Moscow with me and at RT's new studios in London, its reporters and producers revealed a view of the world, from conspiracy theories to other, more worrying beliefs, that should give cause for concern. 
According, for example, to Rory Suchet, RT's main news anchor, other news channels are controlled by "financiers" and "corporations". It is all, he told me, part of the "military-industrial complex" and he mused how some people believe "there is too much Jewish money in America". There is an argument, he suggested, that "Jewish money controls a huge amount of foreign policy in Washington".

More: The Guardian (Comment is Free)

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