Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Turkey: "Zionist takeover" plot on TV

Kind of ironic that a man whose stated goal is to make Turkey into an empire accuses "the Jews" of trying to do the same.

the "Red Apple" series, which has become a tremendous success among millions of viewers in Turkey and around the world, devoutly presents the ruler's worldview.

In the episode aired over the weekend, the Israelis – led by a female Mossad agent, a blond one of course – are trying to thwart Turkey's ambitions to become an empire. The agent gets an order not to hesitate to murder "the enemies," and a young man wearing a skullcap, who is presented as "Aharon Feller, a member of a Golan Heights kibbutz and an offspring of the Maccabees," lights a Hanukkah menorah before going out to fulfill her orders.


But the Israelis in the series have plans of their own: To establish the "Sons of Zion Kingdom" in Turkey in collaboration with the Kurd separatist movement and members of the Armenian minority, and to extend it from the Egyptian Nile to the Euphrates River in Iraq.

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