Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Germany: Berlin mayor may be included on top-10 list of antisemitic/anti-Israel cases

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
The international human-rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center is considering the inclusion of Berlin’s Mayor Michael Mueller on its list of the top-10 worst cases of anti-Israel and antisemitic activity in 2017 because of an epidemic of hate and BDS in the German capital. 
The associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, told The Jerusalem Poson Monday that Mayor Mueller is “mainstreaming the BDS movement that never contributes to the daily life of Palestinians. BDS is widely recognized as antisemitic.” 
Cooper said Mueller’s mayoral colleagues in Frankfurt and Munich recognize the antisemitism of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign targeting Israel and are legally banning city support for BDS activities. 
“There are two reasons why he [Mueller] could theoretically make the list,” he said. “He is the mayor of, arguably, the most important European city. And his colleagues get it that BDS is not just mean-spirited but downright dangerous.”
Berlin has been a hotbed of pro-BDS and lethal antisemitic activities, including nearly 600 Hezbollah supporters and members – and pro-Iranian regime activists – who marched in the main shopping district at the al-Quds Day rally calling for the destruction of the Jewish state in June. 
Mueller declined to criticize the al-Quds Day or initiate legal action against the march. The Iranian-regime controlled Islamic Center in Hamburg bused supporters to the annual al-Quds event, which also serves as a rally for the BDS campaign against Israel.
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