Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Israeli ambassador to France: The situation in the Middle East is never without consequences in France

Via Valeurs Actuelles:

François d'Orcival and Rachel Binhas interviewed Aliza Bin-Noun, Israeli ambassador to France and Monaco.  Translated from the French:

And yet the Europeans, separately or collectively, have not stopped condemning Israel in their resolutions (UN, UNESCO)... As regards France, it abstains ... 
Each country defends its own interests, which are not always compatible with our (Israel's) own interests. Moreover, the situation in the Middle East is never without consequences in France, since its Arab-Muslim community - the most important in Europe - identifies with the Palestinian cause. And since Israel is one of the most powerful countries in the region, with strong economic and military capabilities at its disposal, it is expected that it will make great concessions. But people forget that the country is permanently under threat, and that its security is therefore paramount. The conflict is not limited to Palestinian land claims, we must also confront Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and even Dae'ch. Pressure through the international community is not what will lead to peace.
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