Wednesday, September 27, 2017

European Parliament hosting Palestinian terrorists

This is an example of how European MPs spend their time and taxpayers' money.  They then complain that populists are becoming more and more popular...

Via NGO Monitor (Gerald Steinberg):

Letter to MEPs Concerning PFLP Event at the European Parliament 
Olga DeutschSeptember 26, 2017 
Dear Mr. President of the European Parliament, 
As the distinguished President of the European Parliament, we wish to bring to your attention a highly disturbing event, “The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Struggle,” scheduled to take place this evening (September 26, 2017) in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event is organized by MEPs from the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group and Unadikum – International Solidarity Association. 
Scheduled speakers include Leila Khaled, whose affiliation is listed as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Sahar Francis, director of a Palestinian NGO known as “Addameer” (see below for poster advertising the event). 
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is a terror organization, responsible for hijackings, suicide bombings, and assassinations. It is designated as such by the EU (including in the latest Council update dated August 4, 2017), as well as by the United StatesCanada, and Israel, among others. We note the following connections between the event’s speakers/organizers and the PFLP terror organization:
  • Addameer is an “affiliate” of the PFLP. Addameer’s chairperson and co-founder, vice-chairperson, as well as researchers and board members have been convicted, arrested, and/or banned from travel due to their ties to the PFLP.
It is outrageous that the European Parliament is giving a platform to a terrorist and her organization, and that these affiliations are being openly advertised. NGO Monitor strongly condemns any parliament group hosting internationally recognized terrorists as well as civil society organizations (CSOs) with ties to terror organizations. 
This event is part of a pattern of European governmental endorsement of (and in some cases funding to) CSOs that legitimize violent attacks against civilians and incite violence. As shown in our research, these groups propagate historical distortions and omissions, but more dangerously manipulate the terminology of human rights and international law in order to justify violence against civilians by using terms like “popular resistance” and “popular struggle.”  
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