Thursday, September 7, 2017

UK: Couple convicted after violent attack at Jewish wedding in Clapton Common

Via Jewish Chronicle:
A couple launched an antisemitic attack at a Jewish wedding, a court has been told.

Ineta Winiarski, 33, and partner Kasimiersz Winiarski, 62, ‘terrified’ wedding guests outside Clapton Common Synagogue Kehal Yetev Lev in east London on July 3 this year.

In an apparently random hate crime, Kasimiersz walked over to a driver, David Tangy, who was waiting to transfer the guests from the synagogue, and slammed his door.

He then shoved Mr Tangy as his partner Ineta rushed over brandishing a dog lead.

Ineta Winiarski whipped another guest Ben Herbst with her lead, shouting 'f**king Jew' at him.

Mr Herbst's father, Israel Herbst ran over to protect his son, and was struck in the left shoulder by Ms Winiarski.

She continued to hurl racist abuse throughout the incident, said Demi Ugurtay, prosecuting.

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