Monday, September 25, 2017

Germany: Top CDU member Jens Spahn warns of "imported anti-Semitism"

Via The Jerusalem Post (2015):
The rise of Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany prompted Bundestag member Jens Spahn, of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), to warn on Saturday of “imported anti-Semitism.” 
“Let’s not kid ourselves that immigration from Islamic countries has not changed part of the climate in our country,” he told Der Spiegel, and called on CDU leadership to clearly address the impact of reactionary Islam in Germany. 
“When I walk through Berlin with my boyfriend, I have to hear dumb comments because I am gay... and on German streets we hear talk like ‘Jews in the gas’ and they come not only from neo-Nazis. We have also imported anti-Semitism,” Spahn said.
Today, Le Figaro reported that Jens Spahn has said that it ought to be possible to speak about anti-Semitism prevalent in the Arab world and that it occurs, for instance, in the homes and in the mosques. 

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