Sunday, September 3, 2017

Russia: Firebombs hit studio of Russian-Jewish film director reviled by nationalists

Via JTA:
Firebombs were hurled at the studio of a renowned Russian-Jewish film director who is reviled by some nationalists for his controversial depiction of the love affair between Russia’s last czar and a ballerina.

The firebombs hit the windows of Alexei Uchitel’s studio in St. Petersburg on Wednesday night, causing a fire that was extinguished before it could cause serious damage to the building, RIA Novosti reported. The blaze did not spread into the studio’s interior.

Uchitel, whose film “Matilda” about the extramarital love affair of Nicholas II and the ballet dancer Matilda Kshesinskaya is set to premiere in October, told the Russian news agency that he did not know who perpetrated the attack.

The film has prompted protests by many devout Christians and several groups representing them, the news site reported. They complained that the steamy sex scenes were immoral, and that the characterization of the relationship was historically false as well as an insult to Russia’s national honor.

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