Sunday, December 15, 2013

Belgium: Roman-Catholic charity worker accuses Israel of helping the Philippines for the cameras

Jan Weuts of Caritas Internationalis accused Israel in a recent interview on Belgian TV (Terzake, Nov. 13th) of helping the Philippines only for propaganda's sake.

Weuts said that he had read in the Official Gazette of the Philippines, a government site, that the Israelis had stolen their site from the Belgian B-FAST team, because all the journalists were there.

Weuts provided Jewish news site Joods Actueel with a link to the article, but that assertion is not there.  According to Weuts, the Filipino government had removed this information from the article.  When Joods Actueel could find no such previous article, Weuts replied that he had seen it somewhere but he has no idea where.

Lierenaar Geert Gijs, who had coordinated relief efforts for many disasters worldwide, and had been the coordinator in the Philippines this time as well, rejects Weuts' claims.  He says teams are sent by the UN coordinators based on need.

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