Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Norway: Palestinian women's plight linked to Mary, Jesus

Christmas time is always a good time to bash Israel and the Jews by putting the Palestinians in the role of Jesus.  The Christian audience doesn't need to be reminded that 'the Jews killed Jesus'.

Under Israeli rule, Bethlehem was a Christian city.  Now, under Palestinian rule, it's a Muslim city.  But that will not prevent the media from comparing the Palestinians of today to Mary and Jesus, and implicitly accuse Israel of being just as bad as the Jews back then, who did not recognize the Messiah among them, and turned away a pregnant woman to give birth in the manger.

Norwegian newspaper VG published an article in its latest weekend supplement titled "A Child is Born in Bethlehem".  The headline refers to a well-known Christmas hymn and is all about the difficulties Israel causes pregnant Palestinian women.

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