Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Belgium: Christmas, Behind a Wall

Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique headlined its story 'Christmas, Behind a Wall, in Bethlehem'.

The article is a mishmash of all the regular facts: Tourists are thronging to Bethlehem, but the economic situation is difficult.  Muslims are taking over the city. Relationships between Christians and Muslims are tense.  The city is under Palestinian rule since 1995, things were so much better before the Intifada (1980s), and even better in the distant past.  It's not easy to commute between Bethlehem and Israel.

But the editor couldn't give up the opportunity to link Christmas and the Security Wall ('The Separation Barrier' in media parlance, because it's only there for Apartheid reasons).

More: La Libre

Update: La Libre is a Belgian newspaper.

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